Developing our brand to be kind to the environment has always been our core focus. Having worked in fast fashion, we know the demands it can make on its manufacturing communities, and the planet. We have considered every element of our materials and production, to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. We want our dresses to last a lifetime not live forever. 

Made to Order

All of our dresses are handmade to order in the heart of London, meaning that we never overproduce and can be flexible to our customers' feedback. 

Local Manufacturing

Supporting British industry is incredibly important to us. We collaborate with highly-skilled, locally sourced manufacturers in small setups where we know everyone by name. We are not reliant on shipping goods from the other side of the world keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. 

Sustainable Fabrics

We use 100% EcoVero viscose along with a combination of bamboo and viscose for our linings. To find out more visit 

Reduce and Reuse

 Our zips are made from recycled plastics.Our back neck labels are produced in Pembrokeshire from recycled polyester.Our packaging is kept to a minimum and made from FSC certified & recycled paper. 

Slow it Down

 Our dresses are thoughtfully designed so that our girls can enjoy them for a lifetime, constructed by expert ateliers using premium sustainable materials. 

Each style is made in small runs so that we only ever carry a limited amount of stock. This significantly reduces the risk of overproduction, allowing us to stick to our values around creating responsibly. 

If your dress isn’t available to buy now, our lovely team will begin making your design from scratch, with an estimated delivery time of 4-6 weeks. This is an intentional decision we made to ensure we uphold our slow fashion values. We prioritise an ethical supply chain and a pace of production that is considerate to the people making our designs.